Busy, Happy, Busy

I’ve been so busy..
hiking in the hills,
visiting humans,
walking in the park,
going to class,
playing with buddies,
and of course some quality naps too!
Life is good!


Very interesting. The human puts all this stuff, lots of stuff, in the car. We get in the car and go. We get there. All the stuff comes out of the car including a fabric house and a bed and my food. We went with two other nice humans and my buddy Rufus. It was confusing at first but then I got a wiff of all sorts of great smell. Some new critters hang around here. Many different sounds a birds too. And water! a creek with rocks and sticks and other neat things. What fun!

I am a Canine Good Citizen!

We did it! I passed the test (was there any doubt?)
I am an official Canine Good Citizen.
Of course the bone afterwards was much more interesting. yum.

It only looks scary

Mogul is my Best Buddy..
We play tough, ya gotta when you play with the big guys.
But, oh, he is so great.

The hills are alive!

Such smells! Such greenery! Turkeys and cows!
Things to checkout! Things to roll in!
Water to splash in!
Such joy!

The humans can never learn enough

I know all this stuff; sit, stay, come, down, right, left, heal… I’m very talented. But the humans, they need refresher courses now and then. We are working on a “Canine Good Citizen” certificate. Maybe we will hang it on the wall with my picture. My classmates are very interesting. Our test is in two weeks. All of us are going to ace it. My teacher thinks I am real cute. It’s true!
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I’m not interested

The human thinks sitting in the big room with all the puppies is interesting. I used to do this a lot. I had to pay attention. Then, well, I dropped out of the Guide Dog thing and now I’m living the good dog life.

I’m here so hand it over…

You called.
I came to you.
Now give me my treat!

It’s My Stick!

Bodie thinks
“Don’t take it, it’s my stick,
I found it, it’s a good stick,
I’ll get it back if you take it..
Just because you are bigger and older than me..
It Is My Stick!”

Norahbelle knows…
I get the stick in the end!

Mud is Good

The joys of rain rain and more rain! We get mud, puddles and more mud! Excellent. So squishy and cool and splattery and my buddy Mogul and I have the best time running around. Bring on the rain!